About Us

Hayrat Publication

TarihçesiHayrat Publication is a leading firm which prints and distributes the copies of the Qur’an in Turkey and it has one of the largest printing houses exclusive for the Qur’an in the world.
Hayrat Publication, reaching all parts of Turkey with its active and dynamic marketing personnel and salespersons has made printing the copies of the Qur’an in tawafuq a main purpose for itself. The copies of the Qur’an in tawafuq which were the result of a-fifty-year-old-work are prepared in respect and care that the Qur’an deserves.
The copies of the Qur’an in tawafuq handwritten by Ahmed Husrev Altinbasak which Hayrat Publication prints are certified as error-free and sealed by Turkish Religious Directorate and Egypt Azhar University.
Hayrat Publication provides service in Istanbul headquarters and Isparta printing facilities on a 14 000 m2 area. It offers more than 120 varieties of product to the lovers of the Qur’an.
Hayrat Publication’s export destinations include all parts of the world the European countries being in the first place. It is a constant participant of the largest worldwide book fairs such as Cairo and Frankfurt.
Hayrat Publication, a brand of quality and trust, keeps its service as a bridge bringing the world and the Qur’an together.